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What's it all about?

Mindfulness has recently become the buzz word, with all the app’s books and hype in the press it feels impossible to get away from what seems to be a ‘mindfulness movement’.

A daily dose of mindfulness has been said to enhance creativity, productivity and peace of mind with scientific evidence now supporting these claims. It seems to have evolved beyond an ancient ritual and transformed into a global phenomenon which is pushing us towards being more conscious and present with our thoughts, emotions and experiences.

With all its benefits I am curious to learn if there’s more to mindfulness than slowly eating raisins and paying attention to my breathing! I want to find out whether taming the ‘monkey mind’ will boost my productivity or slow down my pace and so I created a 30 day challenge to test it for myself!

Join me to discover firsthand whether mindfulness is an airy fairy philosophy or the next must-have skill.

Join me, Bev James and the 4636 other participants already signed up, on a 30 day Mindfulness Challenge!


What's in it for me?

There’s a reason why the NHS and large firms such as Google and Microsoft are 'om'ing their way to success.

Mindfulness is said to enhance and boost:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Problem solving and decision making skills
  • Focus and concentration

With as little of a 5-15 minute daily time investment, could a practice of mindfulness provide us with limitless capabilities both on and off the job? Let’s find out!

Let’s unite on a 30 day mindfulness journey without all the fluff or hazy mystical language to see whether a practice of mindfulness is the way to success.

How do I get involved?

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